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Victor is a highly rated inspirational & transformational speaker, success mindset coach, real estate entrepreneur, & published author. He spent 17 years managing and developing dozens of leaders in Call Centers, mainly in the Collections industry, learning about debt management, and leading teams, processes & relationships. He is a published author of the book, PROVEN PATHWAYS TO WEALTH & HAPPINESS. Victor has impacted well over 250,000 lives through his stage appearances, his Mindset Monday posts, and his YouTube Channel – Create Your Future Self. He now has 8+ years of experience as a professional speaker, entrepreneur, and success mindset & real estate investing coach, having created dozens of successful real estate investors. Victor works with groups, organizations, schools, & individuals to help them get RESULTS! Expertise in: Success Mindset practices, Leadership, Real Estate Investing, Entrepreneurship, and Financial Literacy.

WATCH VICTOR NOW! Tons more content on YouTube Channel- Create Your Future Self.

Better Mindset, Better Results!

Victor delivers keynote speeches and world class coaching programs covering a wide range of subjects including:

  • Overcoming Adversity, Setting Goals and Achieving Goals

  • Success Mindset (Keys to being successful in many areas of life)

  • Career Advancement & Becoming a Better Leader of People

  • Entrepreneurship- How to Start and Run a Successful Business

  • Real Estate Investing- How to Find, Fund & Manage Your Rental Properties

  • Financial Literacy (Get Out of Debt/Budgeting/Increasing Earnings/Saving)

Problem Areas Solved:

It’s hard to find motivational speakers that have the knowledge, experience & provide ‘actionable tips’ for overcoming challenges to achieve success, and how to be successful in real estate investing & entrepreneurship, and an intimate expertise on financial literacy & team leadership.

Results from Speeches & Coaching Programs:

  • Stronger Success Mindset to persevere when life hits you hardest.

  • Practical guidance to invest in your 1st (or next) rental property.

  • Better Leadership qualities to spread across your team and improve revenue and overall performance.

  • Be more profitable as an entrepreneur.

Signature Speaking Topics
In-Person & Virtual 


In this talk, Victor shares keys to overcome adversities to achieve success through intentional thinking & changing your reality in your life, career, or in your business.

3 Key Takeaways:

  1. How to set goals and visions that you will actually achieve.

  2. How to create a success mindset and habits that lead to actual results

  3. How to make a mantra that supports your goals  

  • Perfect for Office Teams, High Schools, Colleges & Entrepreneurs

  • Also, LEADING LEADERS TALK - Great for Business Leaders seeking Better Results within their Teams.



In this talk, Victor shares his journey of how he turned his fear of getting into real estate investing, into a 298% return on investment in his 1st rental property deal.

3 Key Takeaways:

1) Learn ways to find, fund, and manage rental properties

2) Learn how to develop a system to keep the project on track

3) Learn how to get creative when challenges arise


In this talk, Victor shares insights on how you can be the winner in your life, business, health, and relationships, by BECOMING that person in your mind first.

3 Key Takeaways:

1) How to bounce back from some of life's toughest times

2) How to defeat 'self-limiting' beliefs

3) How to develop an 'always find a way' attitude

Book Victor as a Speaker, here is the contact info • 844.998.1402 or 678.353.7772

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What People Are Saying..

​It is my sincere honor and pleasure to recommend Victor Johnson as a motivational speaker. I have had the privilege of engaging with Victor through different venues and seeing first-hand the passion he has for financial (e.g., credit) proficiency and inspiring those he encounters to achieve their highest potential. He and I also share a passion for the next generation. He is a willing community leader and volunteer. He does this by investing time in the classroom and other community platforms empowering individuals to be driven by a well-informed vision and goals.

David W. Trammell, MA, Financial Advisor & Planner

Victor recently partnered with our organization to host a workshop for our entrepreneurial community. Prior to the event, Victor was extremely responsive, professional and well-organized. As our featured speaker, he did an amazing job of engaging our audience and providing a host of relevant tips. I highly recommend Victor for any group looking for an energetic, motivating and informed speaker!

- Demetra Brown, Economic Opportunity Leader

It gives me great pleasure to recommend my good friend and colleague (Victor) and I don’t take doing so lightly. When I’m able to engage speakers who genuinely care about helping others reach their fullest potential and align with me philosophically and spiritually, I maximize such opportunities! Victor is definitely one who has my vote when it comes to the aforementioned. He possesses a keen commitment to excellence and professionalism! I recommend him without hesitation or reservation. He will undoubtedly do his clients proud!

- Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe, Founder/CEO, SAAB, Inspirational Speaker, 2015 White House National Public Service Awardee

Some of Our Clients:

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Talk to Students at Eastfield college (dallas, tx) - Spring 2019

BEYOND THE BUZZ - Virtual Keynote Speaker for the dec network (dallas, tx) - Sept. 2020

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