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Inspirational & Memorable Speaker

Speaking Platforms 

Coming from humble beginnings and raised by a single mother & grandmother, Victor was taught a great work ethic and to never give up on his dreams. Although he was raised with great potential, Victor struggled as an adult. Living pay check to pay check with a below 500 credit score, he knew something needed to change in order to achieve his dream of being successful. 


Over a 5-year period, Victor worked hard, and through his determination, perseverance, daily habit changes, networking & education, Victor achieved his dreams of success. 


You can now find Victor running, not one but, THREE successful businesses as well as being a published author. (Check out his new book) He also owns a successful real estate company with a 7-figure rental property portfolio, as well as a credit score over 760. 


Victor takes his personal struggles, turned victories, and now helps others overcome their obstacles.


His Speaking Platforms Include The Following:


  • Real Estate Investing- How to Purchase and Manage Your Rental Properties

  • Financial Literacy (Get Out of Debt/Credit Improvement/Budgeting/Increasing Earnings/Saving)

  • Overcoming Adversity, Setting Goals and Achieving Goals

  • Career Advancement & Networking Guidance

  • Entrepreneurship- How to Start and Run a Successful Business

Popular Speaking Topics 

3 Success Tips for Overcoming Adversity to Achieve Success

  • Set Clear Goals by starting with the 'end result' in mind

  • Visualize yourself already achieving that 'end result'. 'Act as if' you already achieved it

  • Work on your goal DAILY by focusing on smaller results that build on the larger goal


5 Keys to Improving Your Credit 

  • Pull your credit report to see exactly what is there

  • Review your credit report for inaccuracies, items already paid off and incorrect balances. Dispute items that you can support. can assist.

  • Contact creditors and collection agencies that are handling these debts to negotiate REMOVAL OF THE DEBT

  • Always pay bills on-time and more than the minimum amount due

  • Pay off or pay down credit card balances to below 10% of the credit limit (each month)  


5 Tips for Purchasing Your 1st Rental Property

  • Find a Mentor or Mentor Program. (You're in the right place now)

  • Get Preapproved by a Conventional Lender or Determine other Financing Options (Savings, Traditional Bank, Private Lender, Hard Money Lender, 401k, etc.)

  • Look for properties in good neighborhoods (good schools, plenty of retail, jobs in the area), that need some repairs. These properties are sold at lower than retail cost.


  • Build a dependable and talented team




DR. BLEDSOE - Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB National Headquarters)

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