Topics in this book:


- Success Mindset

- Law of Attraction

- Goal Setting and Achievement

- Law of Attraction

- Money Mindset 

- Credit Improvement Tips

- Career Advancement

- Power Networking

- Health Guidance

- Wealth Building

- Steps to Purchase Your 1st Rental Property



This book was written for those hard-working folks out there that are struggling to get ahead of their finances. People that understand the importance and virtue of working towards a goal, yet have experienced bad breaks along their journey. Many of those bad breaks are caused by doubts, fears, poor credit, limited resources or just a bad attitude towards life. This book will help the reader develop the correct mindset to tackle those doubts and fears, help develop realistic and actionable goals to overcome their debts (or other obstacles blocking their progress), and start generating higher income levels by approaching goals with the right mentality. As the debts and finances improve, this book will also provide exact steps to begin investing in rental properties; which could lead to a very wealthy life, as it did for me. I now own multipIe rental properties, run successful businesses, and no longer work for anyone else. I hope this book will inspire action in the individuals that read it, and I encourage them to BELIEVE THAT THEY ALREADY HAVE EVERYTHING THEY NEED TO ACHIEVE WEALTH & HAPPINESS IN LIFE. If a normal guy with no college degree could do it, anyone can.



15 live tracks

1:11 Disclaimer

0:28 Title- Opening

0:51 Table of Contents

4:55 Forward

11:46 Chapter 1: Mindset Change

16:13 Chapter 2: Law of Attraction

13:22 Chapter 3: Changing the Way You Think About Money

15:18 Chapter 4: My Turning Point

29:16 Chapter 5: Setting Goals and Achieving Goals

12:10 Chapter 6: Let's Talk About Health and Daily Habit Changes

24:27 Chapter 7: Being Likable - Networking - Relationship Building

11:49 Chapter 8: Preparing Everything for My 1st Rental Property

55:52 Chapter 9: My 1st Rental Property Deal

1:19   Contact Page

3:20   Closing


Proven Pathways to Wealth & Happiness- Audio Book

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