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Set Goals with clear expectations in mind... expect success!
- Victor Vonico Johnson

My Story

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Victors’ story is one of OVERCOMING ADVERSITY as he has struggled with poor credit, living paycheck to paycheck, being repossessed, evictions, and being called by collection agencies, while he was managing one! Even while advancing in his career, he continued falling further into debt. Enough was enough, and Victor eventually changed his mindset and found a way to achieve his goals, and he turned it all around. 

After spending 17 years managing and developing leaders in Call Centers, mainly in the Collections industry, learning about debt management, and leading teams, processes & relationships, Victor grew into much more. Now he is a published author, inspirational speaker, former Certified Credit Consultant, and real estate entrepreneur that believes that proper money management, entrepreneurship and real estate investing are keys to help the average person achieve financial freedom.


Victor can relate, as he overcame living with a credit score in the low 500’s for 2 decades, and finally getting and staying in the 700’s. He is happy to share the insights, habits and disciplines that helped him achieve this credit score and build a rental property portfolio. Victor has impacted well over 250,000 lives through his stage appearances, his YouTube Channel – Create Your Future Self, hosting a weekly FB Live show for 3 years educating aspiring real estate investors and those seeking financial guidance and credit tips, as well as various podcasts, and more.

In his book, Proven Pathways to Wealth & Happiness, Victor blends his personal stories, inspirational anecdotes, useful psychology, and practical step-by-step guidance, to help the reader build the mindset needed to overcome obstacles to achieve financial success.

He combines his financial literacy knowledge, effective goal setting techniques, and inspirational charisma on live stages and online, to help inspire and educate audiences about finances, leadership, real estate investing, and all things relating to entrepreneurship.


Since 2015, he has invested in more than 12 investment projects (single-family & multifamily properties), where he and his Team at 555 Equity, LLC have identified the assets, negotiated the purchase price, secured the assets, managed various contractors and vendors to improve the values of these properties, and screened the tenants. This equates to more than 10,000 hours of direct real estate investing knowledge and experience. He has created dozens of new real estate investors through his direct coaching program and courses.


Victor is a giver that continues to be a student of life and works to be the best version of himself every day, so that he can add value to others. He volunteers in many ways. He is the treasurer of a nonprofit support and personal development organization, Kings Accountability Group, a commissioner for City of Carrollton’s Neighborhood Advisory Commission, and an active volunteer with Junior Achievement of Dallas, and a leader in his community. Victor lives in North Dallas, Texas with his wife, Latasha, he is a father of 4, with 2 beautiful grandchildren.

Victor believes that we all have the ability to Create Our Future Self; in our personal life and our business life. When you bring Victor Vonico Johnson to share his inspirational, customized message, they will all be ready to take action, after the standing ovation!

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